Blade Alloy

CAgroup either manufactures the required blade alloy (normally a Ca/Sn/Pb alloy) either in-house or purchases this in pre-alloyed form normally from primary lead producer Nyrstar. The purity of this alloy and very tight tolerances are a key factor in the exceptional life expectancy of anodes produced by CAgroup.



Slab Casting

The very precise casting of large, thick slabs allows sufficiently slow cooling that all included air and dross are removed prior to solidification. The slabs are cast at a very specific temperature with maximum retention and control of calcium, free of oxide inclusions (dross), porosity, laminations and voids.

Slab Casting


Copper Bars

CAgroup only uses high electrical conductivity copper bars (very high copper purity), with excellent mechanical properties, such as good strength, good formability and surface flatness. Upon the client request, the shape and dimensions of the bar may vary:

  • Shape: square bar, rectangular bar or slightly round edge
  • Bent or straight bars





CAgroup offers a variety of different insulators upon client requirements (button insulators and/or side insulators).